New Delhi: While the entire nation is busy in changing the demonetised currency notes and facing inconvenience but still praising the move taken by the government, the Opposition has been continuously lashing out on PM Modi questioning the intent of the government’s move and over poor implementation of the scheme. 
Speaking at a public rally in Ghazipur on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while speaking on the demonetisation move by the government said, “Poor people have nothing to worry but it is the rich who are getting sleepless nights.” 
PM Modi explained his demonetisation move and compared it to ‘strong chai’.
Hitting out at those questioning the intent of the government behind this move, here are 5 important questions which PM Modi raised during his rally in Ghazipur:
Q 1: Did Congress impose emergency in 1975 to secure power or fight graft?
Q 2: Can the party that jailed people during Emergency say standing in line is too much inconvenience?
Q 3: Should we allow the corrupt to continue looting the poor?
Q 4: Why did the Congress demonetise the 25 paise coin and not the Rs 500 note?
Q 5: Should I be afraid of the rich that think they can buy and sell governments?