New Delhi: Hitting out at Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who opposed demonetisation and asked the government to roll it back, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Secretary Sidharth Nath Singh on Monday said, “Queen of Saradha and Narada is trying to unite the opposition against the government, they are shaken by this step of Modi ji.”
Scathing his attack on Bengal CM and Left parties, Nath said, “Trinamool and Left parties are mirror images of each other. Mamata Banerjee should answer as to how guns were used in Dhaka bakery shootout were manufactured in Malda.”
After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his government’s move to demonetise Rs 500/1000 notes, Mamata Banerjee termed it a draconian decision and asked the government to roll it back.
Uniting against the government’s move, Banerjee earlier on Saturday had said that she was ready to work with the CPI-M and other opposition parties such as the Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party and Congress, despite ideological differences, to help the commoners tackle the ‘financial emergency’ in the wake of demonetisation.
Prime Minister in his address to the nation on Tuesday had announced that in order to put a menace and crackdown on black money, the government will demonitise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes and they will be replaced by new Rs 500 and Rs 2,0000 notes which will be available in the ATMs from November 11.
However, PM also said that there was no need to panic as people will be able to deposit or exchange banned notes through Banks, Post Offices between Novermber 10 and December 30.