NEW DELHI: Air India has been in news for all wrong reasons lately. After several episodes of negligence, cleanliness issues, crime, it has yet another time made headlines. In another upsetting incident for national aviation carrier Air India, a passenger of the London bound flight from Delhi claimed of spotting a lizard on a meal tray provided to him by the crew.

According to the reports, and the picture that is going viral on the digital space, a passenger on board Air India flight AI 111 spotted the lizard in the meal tray that was given to him by the crew members while he was travelling to London from the national capital.

Even though the aircraft crew members promised to replace the tray after the passenger screamed, the angry passenger along with others reportedly refused the offer and decided to file a complaint with Air India. 

The incident took place on Thursday when the flight departed from the Indira Gandhi International Airport around 1 PM. The lizard was spotted while the first meal was served as soon as the aircraft took off, reports said.

However, the airline has maintained that there is no truth in the claims and they have not received any complaint in this matter.

The incident has also flooded Twitter with jokes and criticism against the national flight. here are some immediate reactions after news broke:

Lizard found in the in-flight meal tray in Air India flight ! Yucks !! Lizard found in the in-flight meal tray in Air China flight ! Wow !!

— Atul Khatri (@one_by_two) June 13, 2015

Lizard found in Air India food…and they say…things are changing in Modi’s tenure.

— Shashank Singh (@shashank157) June 13, 2015

Decided then. Maggi is safer than meals served on Air India flights

— Raghav Chopra (@AarSee) June 13, 2015

Air India attendant : “Would you like veg meal or non-veg?” Passenger : “Non-veg please” *serves food tray where lizard has laid eggs*

— Ripper (@Ace_Of_Pace) June 13, 2015

This is not the first time that Air India has been accused of such things. Let’s take a look on some discreditable incidents this year that led to headlines for all wrong reasons for Air India.

•Earlier this month, a cabin crew member of an Air India flight was detained by the Jeddah Airport authorities on charges of smuggling gold as he was to board the flight bind for Kochi, along with 11 other crew members. (Also Read: Officials forget to roster pilot. A crew member detained for smuggling gold. Is Air India in its declining phase?)

•In the first week of June, an Air India Express flight scheduled to depart from Bangalore for Muscat at 8.50 AM was extremely delayed as the airline rostered only one out of two pilots needed to operate the flight.

•Not many days ago, an Air India plane was grounded after landing in Leh after some rats were spotted in the Airbus 320.

•On May 19, An Air India Airbus made emergency landing at Lucknow airport after its windshield cracked. (Also Read: Air India Airbus makes emergency landing in Lucknow after its windshield cracked)

•On April 6, two pilots of Air India Jaipur-Delhi flight fought inside the cockpit reportedly because one of them addressed the other as ‘Uncle’. (Also read: Real reason why Air India pilots fought in cockpit: Pilot addressed co-pilot as ‘Uncle’)

•Earlier this year, few of the crew members of an Air India flight were caught smuggling 3kg gold in the flight valued for Rs. 78.1 lakh. (Also Read: Air India crew member caught smuggling 3 kgs gold worth Rs 78 lakh: Customs)

•An Air India flight from Delhi to Kochi survived with over 170 people on board after its rear tyre burst as it landed at the Nedumbassery airport in February. (Also Read: Air India: Tyre of Delhi-Kochi flight bursts while landing)

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