New Delhi: After a video of the brand new Rs 2000 note became a viral sensation on the internet, users started speculating about how the new note could be differentiated from being fake or real. However, the government has issued a statement which counter-claims all the conclusions reached by these videos.

The new Rs 2000 note loses its tint when it is rubbed or washed, – or when it is exposed to water – it’s how you differentiate the real note from the fake one. The peculiar thing is that while fake new currencies may not lose their colour, the real ones which will be circulated and stored everywhere will lose their colour.

Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das in a press conference on Tuesday, said, “The new currency notes, just as the old ones, will lose colour if rubbed with a piece of wet cloth because that’s the nature of the dye used. If your note does not lose colour, it’s one of the signs that it may be fake.”

When a small test was carried out where a white tissue was rubbed against the Rs 2000 note, the currency started shedding off its colour within a matter of seconds. 

So for those wearing white shirts on a rainy day or wearing white shirts at all, this is a thing to worry about.