Bhiwandi: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, after being granted bail by the Bhiwandi Court on Wednesday pertaining to the defamation case filed against him by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), addressed his party workers and hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi following the demonetisation move by the government. 

Here are some of the highlights of Rahul Gandhi’s address to his party workers:

* Modi ji took the decision of demonetisation; you are now standing in the queue; have you seen any rich people standing there?

There is no investigation or action taken against Modi ji’s industrialists friends.
* We will raise this issue in parliament; you will see that money he acquires from you, will be used to fill pockets of industrialists.

On one side there is the ideology of freedom and on the other side it’s the theory of bondage. From the one I am fighting with, he wants to let down every Indian citizen.

“Ek taraf azaadi ki vichardhara; dusre taraf gulami ki; jinse main ladh raha hoon woh Hindustan ke har vyakti ko jhukana chahte hain,” Rahul Gandhi

I am extremely happy as I am fighting against these people and standing in front of them

“Main bohut khush hoon aaj ki main ladh pa raha hoon aur inke saamne khada hoon,” Rahul Gandhi

Modi Ji will give your away your hard earned money to his 15 industrialists friends, he’s running the government of those people only. I will not take there names, but you people know who they are

“Modi ji aapka saara paisa unhi 15 udyogpatiyo ko denge, vo unhi logon ki sarkar chala rahe. Main naam nahi lunga par aap jante hain,” Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi was granted bail by the Bhiwandi Court on personal surety and the next date of the hearing was fixed on January 30.

Earlier, stepping up his attack at the Centre over demonetisation, the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and accused him of already informing his own people about the demonetisation move. Rahul further accused the PM and said, “It was based on one person’s thinking and could turn out be a mega scam”.

Rahul added that the situation in villages is too bad. “I have asked a number of economists and they are of the opinion that there is no economic rationale to this move.”

Not only Rahul Gandhi, but other senior Congress leaders like Kapil Sibal and Ghulam Nabi Azad took on the government for its sudden demonetisation of two big value currency notes.