New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s incision attack on black money in the country is spelling restless nights, not for the money hoarders, but for the common people waiting in unending queues outside the banks.

Allegedly because of the frustration emanating from such inconvenience, a 45-year-old farmer in Chattisgarh committed suicide on Monday as he was unable, despite repeated attempts, to get his demonetised currency exchanged at the bank.

Farmer Ravi Pradhan had waited in line for two days straight because he needed to immediately send money to his sons who were studying in Tamil Nadu, claimed Pradhan’s wife Pushplata.

“Pradhan’s body was found hanging at his house in Maharajpur village under Saria development block on November 12 night,” an official conducting the investigation said.

“My two sons Sunil (22) and Anil (20) were working at a yarn mill in Tamil Nadu. On November 10, one of my sons called his father (through his mobile) and informed that they urgently need money as their contractor escaped without giving them their wages. They wanted to come back home for which they were in need of cash,” she added.

It is unclear whether it was explicitly because of the fiasco which led to his death.

Since the demonetisation announcement, people all over the country have been rushing to nearby ATMs and banks to withdraw and deposit their money. There is also the problem of Rs 2000, a high-denomination currency with no change support in the market.