New Delhi: Cyrus Mistry on Wednesday sent a legal notice to the secretary of Tata Global Beverages claiming that the move to remove him as Chairman is “illegal”.

The company’s Board of Directors on Tuesday appointed Non-Executive Director Harish Bhat as its chairman after seven out of ten directors voted for the ouster of Mistry.

A statement from Mistry’s office had said that there was nothing on the agenda about replacement of the Chairman but a repeat of the illegality that the Board of Directors of Tata Sons Ltd, the holding company for the Tata group did on October 24.

Ratan Tata was named as the interim chairman of the company after the removal of Mistry.

Earlier this month, Tata Motors received from shareholders representing 26% of the voting rights for the removal of Mistry and Independent Director Nusli Wadia from the company’s board.