New Delhi: The latest casualty in the demonetisation-related deaths, is a woman from Karnal, Haryana who reportedly died due to suffocation after standing in a long queue at the bank on Saturday. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced brought dead.

“She was brought dead. She was probably in a crowded place,” said Rajiv Gupta, a doctor in the hospital where the woman was admitted.

The Indian Bank Association allowed banks across the country to continue to exchange money but only for senior citizens (above 65 years). After the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, there were reports of deaths as crowds massed at banks and ATMs to get cash for their daily expenses.

On the eleventh day post demonetisation, an elderly man in Kolkata who had queued up before a bank from the wee hours died of heart attack at his home.