New Delhi: Delhi police on Sunday arrested four individuals for allegedly conning a man off of Rs 6.5 lakh after making false promises about getting it exchanged at the bank. They had claimed that they would return the total value of the demonetised notes with Rs 100 notes.

Guddy, Charan Das, Nasir Khan and Damanjit were all arrested after the victim, Sachin Bhardwaj, filed a complaint against them on November 14.

In the police complaint, Sachin said that he was told by some acquaintance that he could get his demonetised notes exchanged for Rs 100. He was told that Damanjit’s brother walked at a toll booth and that he would facilitate him with the change. At the Lohia Bridge at Agra Canal, Bhardwaj handed the conmen a bag containing the Rs 6.5 lakh.

When Bhardwaj later opened the bag, he saw that stacks of plain paper were kept inside the bag with Rs 100 on top. Police are conducting more investigations into the matter.

Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes have been declared not legal tender by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from November 8.