New Delhi: After reviewing the pattern of withdrawals at ATMs across the country following the demonetisation announcement, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Sunday announced that the withdrawal limit at ATMs will remain the same.

Customers queuing outside recalibrated ATMs will be able to to withdraw Rs 2,500 per day while the ATMs which have not been recalibrated for the new small notes will dispense only 2000 rupees. “Banks may continue to dispense Rs50 and Rs100 banknotes through the non –recalibrated ATMs until they are re-calibrated,” the RBI notification said.

Around 2.2 lakh ATMs across the country owned by multiple manufacturers have to physically recalibrate the ATM so that it can dispense the new Rs 2000 and Rs 500 notes. While some have been recalibrated to dole out the new notes, most of the ATMs are offering Rs 2000 in Rs 100 denominations.

The government has also been lagging behind in printing out 400 million new Rs 500 notes while the RBI is working on minting out 3.5 billion Rs 2,000 notes.