New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to attend the Upper House (Rajya Sabha) of the Parliament on Thursday after repeated demands from a united Opposition which has been protesting against government’s demonetisation move.

The Parliament, which is currently going through its winter session, has not been able to commence any business and witnessed massive uproar and agitation against demonetisation move.

The single demand from a united opposition has been that they wanted PM Modi to address the issue of demonetisation in Rajya Sabha even though the government was ready to discuss all issues related to demonetisation.

Meanwhile, the government targeted the opposition saying that it was simply running from the main issue and was overlooking the people of the country who are in support of demonetisation.

Opposition has been lashing out at the government over note ban issue saying that it has caused a lot of inconvenience to the people and has also affected small-scale business in the country.