New Delhi: Acting on the speculation that a colour photocopy of the new Rs 2,000 might pass off as the original Rs 2,000 note, a man from Virar tried to dupe a wine shop owner into accepting a fake copy of the new pink note. However, things did not turn out so well for him. 
Virar East-resident Tushar Chikhale, a 26-year-old man, tried his luck at a wine shop in Virar west to purchase beer with a fake copy of the Rs 2,000 note. On Sunday evening, a busy hour for the liquor store, wine shop owner Vishwanath Shetty immediately recognised that the note was fake and nabbed Chikale before he could escape. 
“The fake note was merely a colour photocopy of the original one. We also recovered from him several torn fake currency. It appears that the accused made at least four or five attempts till he got the perfect printout,” the police said. 
Police are also questioning Chikhale about where he got the photocopy version of the Rs 2,000 note. 
Earlier, a customer successfully used a fake Rs 2,000 note at Andheri, that too at a liquor store.