New Delhi: What can be more bizarre for Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi than to appear in the dream of a woman as a ‘groom’? In a video which is doing the rounds on social media, an unidentified woman is seen expressing her love for Congress vie-president Rahul Gandhi.

The woman, who is so impressed with the Amethi MP, has expressed various reasons to ‘accept’ Rahul Gandhi as her groom. Speaking to media, this woman from Allahabad said that she wanted to marry Rahul Gandhi because he is a good man, good leader and son of a former Prime Minister.

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In a furthermore bizzare twist, the woman said that though she has not got any promise from Rahul Gandhi in reality, she said that he has appeared in her dreams and assured of marrying her. According to the woman, Rahul Gandhi allegedly promised to marry her and also have children with her in her dreams.

Mentioning that Rahul Gandhi, who has shown his sympathies for Dalits and had shared meals with them, she said that he can also marry a Dalit.