New Delhi: More than 41% women in India experience harassment or violence before the age of 19, a study has revealed.

According to a survey by an NGO ActionAid that was released on Friday, it has been revealed that 41% of women in India experience harassment or violence before the age of 19, with 6% of them experiencing it before the age of 10.

The survey also found that 73% of women in India have experienced some form of violence or harassment in the past month.

The figure is even higher in other countries with 67% of women polled in Thailand and 87% in Brazil have been subjected to harassment in the past month. In UK, it is 57%. The study further says that more than 26% of women have been groped in the past months.

The survey was commissioned to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and it was found that women have become more vocal now and have taken steps to protect themselves against harassment.

Speaking about the survey, ActionAid India executive director Sandeep Chachra said, “Cross country findings suggest immediate actions are needed on part of societies and governments to curb harassment and violence against women. While awareness on rights of women, women’s abilities and potential has seen incremental advances over the last decades, we are still a long way off to realize a promise of a just and equal world for half of our humanity. How can we build a better world for all, with a large section of our humanity living in an indefinite loop of fear and intimidation?

Threats to safety of women is directly related to the patriarchal mindsets that manifests itself in streets, workplace and at homes. On the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, ActionAid India urges all nations to take effective steps to challenge these patriarchal mindsets and sexist attitudes which are the root causes of this culture of harassment and violence against women.”