New Delhi: BSP supremo Mayawati made a full throttle attack at PM Narendra Modi and his demonetisation move on Saturday. She was addressing the media when she blamed the Centre for their hurried decision on note ban.

With elections scheduled in Uttar Pradesh in some time from now, Mayawati said that only BSP is the real threat to BJP in the state and that the Samajwadi Party and Congress are merely surviving on oxygen and do not really pose any real threat to the BSP.

“Demonetisation move has brought nothing but economic emergency, common people are suffering”, said the BSP Chief during the press conference.

“If this situation deteriorates and riots break out in the country then PM Modi will be solely responsible.”




She directly took a jibe at the Indian PM adding, “PM Narendra Modi is scared to address the opposition in the house over the demonetisation issue.”

Mayawati also questioned PM Narendra Modi’s recent antics of getting emotional and crying while addressing the people and called it pure blackmail of public.

She also said, “The demonetisation decision was taken by the Centre for political gains. Our party is opposing govt’s demonetisation move not for any political benefit but for nation.”

“No sign of tension on faces of BJP leaders; they were given enough time to adjust black money before PM’s demonetisation announcement.”

Further attacking the PM, “The fact that the PM has left his home for the country is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean he should be harassing the people of the country.” (PM ne apna ghar-parrivar desh ke liye chhoda hai ye achi baat hai, par iska ye matlab nahi ke vo desh ke logo ko pareshan karein.)