New Delhi: In dire need of money, Puran Sharma, a resident of Aligarh, got himself sterilised in exchange for Rs 2000, ANI reported.

Puran said he had no money to buy food and when he heard men were being offered Rs 2000 in a nearby sterilisation camp, he decided to take this extreme step.

“Was in need of money as I was out of job. Heard men were offered Rs 2000 in nearby sterilisation camp, so I decided to undergo it,” Puran Sharma said.

His wife could not get it done because she is handicapped.

The camp offers Rs 2000 to men and Rs 1400 to women for undergoing the sterilisation procedure.

“Puran Sharma came to sterilisation camp organised in Khair with his spouse; his wife couldn’t be sterilised due to her health conditions,” Dr Rupendra Goyal, CMO Aligarh said.

“So we persuaded him to undergo the operation as part of Government’s family planning programme,” he added.

According to data accessed by TOI, districts like Aligarh and Agra have seen an “unusual” hike in sterilisations this month, coinciding with the demonetisation move announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8.