New Delhi: According to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s positive take on the wide-ranging effects of demonetisation, crime rate has completely turtled in metropolitan cities like Mumbai.

On Sunday, Parrikar said that demonetisation had reduced crime rate drastically in Mumbai. These include contract killings, murders, extortion and drug trafficking in the city.

“The decision taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a historic one. The black money, corruption money, terror funding and drug money has received a jolt,” Parrikar said when he was addressing a rally in Aldona in North Goa.

“One of my friends from Mumbai was telling me that the supari (contract) killings have reduced there. There is no lack of people offering supari, but there is no money to pay. In the last 20 days, the murder rate has come to half in Mumbai. The instances of extortion have also reduced in Mumbai. If anyone goes to the builder and tries to extort money, he is ready to give the sum, but that money has no value as they are old notes. Due to this, now the one who wanted to extort money has also stopped. Even here in Goa, extortion attempts from the builders have stopped,” NDTV quoted Parrikar as saying.

The Defence Minister also said that he hoped Goa would become a cashless society by December 30, a primary objective of the government behind the introduction of the demonetisation move.