New Delhi: If you have Rs. 3,000 in your account and suddenly receive a message that your account has been credited with Rs. 98,05,95,12,231 how would you feel? Can’t imagine? Well this is what exactly happened with State Bank of Patiala account holder Balwinder Singh, a taxi driver.

When Balwinder Singh woke up on November 4, he received a message that Rs. 9,806 cr had been credited in his account which made him very happy but the happiness did not last for long as the money was debited the next day.

“An investigation by income tax (I-T) officials is on,” branch manager Ravinder Kumar told a leading daily.

Balwinder Singh opened his account under the Prime Minister’s ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’. The banks kept his old passbook and issued him a new one so that there is no record of the transaction.

Deputy commissioner Bhupinder Singh Rai has confirmed the matter.