Agra: After finding a huge and unexpected balance of Rs 99 crore in their savings account, a family in Agra find themselves in dilemma. The situation is more troublesome since it happened after the currency ban was implemented in the country and people with undeclared wealth are being scrutinised.

Sandeep Tiwari, a resident of Sumit Nagar, Agra earns his bread and butter by working in a biscuit company located in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. While on holiday at home in Agra he went to withdraw cash from an SBI ATM but when he couldn’t, he opted to check his balance. He was gob-smacked when he found that his saving account had a total of Rs 99,99,91,723!

Sandeep informed the ATM guard about the error in his account and to make sure he checked the balance in several other ATMs but the figures remained the same.

The family is concerned that this might get them into legal trouble and so they want the police to investigate how such a colossal amount of money got into their account.