New Delhi: Six prisoners escaped from the maximum security Nabha Jail in Punjab on Sunday. Soon a manhunt was launched to find the prisoners and the people involved in assisting with the escape.

The police, within 24 hours, arrested Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF) terrorist Harminder Singh Mintoo at the Nizamuddin railway station. In the interrogation that followed his arrest, Mintoo reportedly confessed that he was also the mastermind in the jail break that rocked the nation.

Mintoo also revealed that his handler Harmeet is living in a safe house under protection of ISI in Dera Chall village of Lahore. Sources have also revealed that Mintoo’s last chat on the internet was with his handler Harmeet.

Mintoo also said confessed to bases in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, and that ISI plans to bring back militancy through these cells. 

Mintoo even admitted that KLF sympathisers in Germany and England had sent him money through Hawala.