COIMBATORE: Ever since Maggi has hit the headlines for wrong reasons, the trouble seems to have increasing each day for its manufacturer Nestle India. Already in dock for the famous Maggi controversy, weevils and fungus have reportedly been found in a pack of Cerelac baby cereal in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. (Also Read: 8 reasons why you should not eat Maggi)

According to the reports, the contaminants were found in one of the containers of Cerelac after which the samples were sent to food safety authorities. The result of the same is likely to be declared within one week. (Also Read: After Maggi, 5 things that should be immediately banned)

Resident of Coimbatore, IT professional S. Sriram bought the pack of Cerelac for his baby on Sunday and was shocked to discover it contaminated with red worms in the wheat and milk powder. (Also Read: After Maggi, who is under the scanner? More noodle, pasta and macaroni brands?)

“We checked and found that the product expires only in February 2016,” Sriram was quoted in a media report.

It is yet to be established if the contamination was in just one packet or the entire batch of the product.

Not many days ago, live larvae and worms were found in another product from Nestle for infants in Coimbatore. (Also Read: After Maggi controversy, another product from Nestle for infants found to be infected with live larvae)

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