New Delhi: The official, verified account of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was on Wednesday evening compromised after hackers sent out a series of abusive tweets to his 1.2 million followers on the micro-blogging site.

A few memes were also uploaded on the account, also changing the name of the account to ‘Retarded Gandhi’. Other details of the bio were also changed.

The tweets were repeatedly deleted and updated with new ones.

It all started with a tweet that boasted of exposing ‘Congress’s malpractices’ sending the twitterati into action. The hashtag #RahulGandhi started trending in no time.

The tweet said, “Coming up next is a full Congress exposure of all the malpractices. This is the end of the corrupt era! We are legion.”

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala reacted to the cyber attack and said, “@OfficeOfRG hacked. Such lowly tactics will never drown sane voice of reason nor deter Rahul Gandhi from raising people’s issues.”    

He also tweeted, “Such unscrupulous,unethical&roguish conduct of venal trolls 2hack @OfficeOfRG reflects disturbing insecurities of prevalent fascist culture.”

There have been previous reports of politicians and film stars’ accounts being hacked.

Here is all that was posted on Rahul Gandhi’s official account: