NEW DELHI: Bihar lawmaker Pappu Yadav allegedly misbehaved with an air-hostess on a Jet Airways flight from Patna to Delhi today.

The reported incident took place after the air-hostess requested the Lok Sabha member not to throw the leftover food in the passageway.

According to the reports, Yadav threatened the air-hostess of beating her with his ‘chappals’.

Sources inform that Yadav was extremely rude with the cabin crew after one of its members asked him not to throw the leftover food in the aisle. They also said that the lawmaker misbehaved with the young woman. 

As quoted in a media report, the written complaint said, “While having lunch on the flight, 1A (Pappu’s seat number) dropped the dessert on his bag kept near his feet and asked the crew to clean it. (He) told the crew MPs don’t do this work. 1A took off his chappal and showed it (to) the crew. Told the crew he would hit them with it if the crew told him anything.”

“For landing, 1A refused to upright his seat and unfastened his seat belt… After opening doors, 1A manhandled me and pushed me aside with force to get out of the aircraft…. I went to the cockpit to inform the captain. I was in tears and physically hurt,” it added.  

Pappu Yadav was expelled from the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) last month for anti-party activities.

Refuting allegations against him, Yadav said, “Nothing like this happened and it is simply a political conspiracy against me. It is an abuse to be rich in India.”

RJD on the hand has explained that arrogance is the key issue with Yadav. So far, no complaint has been filed with the security officials regarding the case.