New Delhi: As the cold waves swipe northern India, Delhi is staring at another problem of survival of people living on streets. Hundreds of homeless people perish every year to Delhi’s winters.
A very small percent of homeless people in Delhi get shelter, the rest are left to fend for themselves squeezed in whatever limited space available. These people suffer from cold related ailments during winter season. Most of these people die of communicable diseases and malnutrition which generally remains unchecked.
Surviving in the harsh weather has been difficult for a homeless labourer, Bhola Mandal, who works in areas near the Delhi-NCR NH 24. “It is very difficult for me to survive in the extreme weather of Delhi. As the winters are approaching I am worried about my family. I don’t have enough money to buy warm clothes for survival,” Mandal said.
Mandal, who hails from Bihar, came to Delhi last summers to sustain the costs of his family and hope for a better life. He earns around Rs 100 per day and can’t afford to build a house. “We don’t have a house, so we have made this open space our home,” Mandal said.
Several other homeless complain that the government is not doing enough for them. These homeless citizens have no identification card and are often left alone. Many of them are blaming the state government for not coming to their rescue.

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