Delhi Earthquake: A strong earthquake shook the entire Delhi-NCR region on Wednesday evening. Tremors were also felt in Haridar, Dehradun and other parts of hill state Uttarakhand. According to European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre, the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.0 and its epicentre was 121 km east of Dehradun. Only a few weeks ago, National Centre for Seismology Director Dr. Vineet Gehlot had said that a massive earthquake was on its way in Garhwal Himalaya region of Uttarakhand which could cause huge destruction in the region.

“Statistics indicate there is a possibility of a major earthquake in Uttarakhand in future. Reasons to believe so, no major earthquake has struck the region in past 500-700 years and energy required to build major earthquakes is accumulating since 100 years,” Director of National Centre for Seismology Dr. Vineet Gehlot had told the news agency ANI. Meanwhile, no reports of casualties have surfaced so far. Within minutes of tremors, people started posting on social media about the same. The earthquake was felt all over Delhi-NCR and Northern India. A look at Twitter reactions following the earthquake. 

“Sri Lankan cricketers have decided to only play in the air due to #Earthquake in Delhi….”

“RT If You Came To Twitter To Check If It Was Really An #Earthquake. Stay Safe. 🙏🇮🇳”.

“Bed shakes Immediately checks Twitter Oh thank god it’s not the ghosts #earthquake”.

“Felt the shake. In buildings as dilapidated as in Delhi its damn scary #earthquake”.

“The bed rocked, the cupboard moved and my senses shook. Just experienced an earthquake in Rishikesh. Trust everyone’s safe.#earthquake”.

“8:51 – Feels #earthquake*Pulls out phone to check twitter* 8:53 – It’s already number one trend in Delhi. 😅”.

“This earthquake is warning fr those who haven’t linked their ADHAR to mobile no.😂😂😂#earthquake”.

Don’t worry guys, everything is fine.Rajnikanth phone was on vibration..!!#Earthquake

#Earthquake shakes whole north India including #Dilli & NCR with 6.5 Intensity . Epicentre in Uttarakhand 😢!! Praying for safety of fellow Brothers & Sisters🙏🏽 !! By the way – We Humans have Tortured & mutilated -our Mother Earth & Nature – Retaliation is Expected 😌