Dehradun:  Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday addressed a public rally in Dharamshala district in Himachal Pradesh and hit out PM Modi over his demonetisation policy saying, “Modi ji, you have divided India into two parts, on one side the there is 1% rich and on other there are middle class and poor people.”
Here are the highlights of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s address in Dharamsala
* Demonetisation is a step against county’s poor and the middle class people.
Horticulture, Agriculture and tourism have been severely affected due to demonetisation.
* BJP led governments in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh has taken away the lands of adivasis.
* Note (Currency) has no colour; on one side there are honest people and on other there are dishonest. If money comes to dishonest, then it automatically turns into black money.
* In our country, there is only 6% black money in cash and the remaining 94% is in the Real estate, Gold and foreign banks.
* I want to ask Modiji that why he has not presented the list given by Swiss Bank in the Parliament?
* Modiji has broken down the backbone of Shimla and Dharamshala. 
Criticising the implementation of demonetisation in his previous rally in Uttarakhand’s Almora district, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said that note ban is an economic daicoty.
In his address, Gandhi had said that the government’s abrupt move severely affected poor and middle class families.
Pointing out that government’s drive against black money will not affect the hoarders, Gandhi said “All cash is not black money and all black money is not cash”.
He further alleged that the Narendra Modi-led government tried to kill the Land Bill in Parliament. 


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