New Delhi: Union minister Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday slammed the Congress alleging that the party was trying to mislead people on the issue of demonetisation.

“Congress is in panic over the overwhelming support by people to Prime Minister’s (Narendra Modi) demonetisation move. They’re trying to create confusion,” Naidu said.

He questioned Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s claim that demonetisation was against the poor people as black money is invested in real estate, land and Swiss banks.

“Rahulji’s smile and body language indicated that there is not much of black money in country according to him because money has come back. Why don’t they muster courage and openly say that there is no black money in the country?” Naidu asked.

The union minister further questioned Congress over its stand on corruption.

“When Congress says there is not much black money, then that means there is not much corruption in country. Is this the stand of Congress?”  Venkaiah asked.

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