Bhubaneswar: Hundreds of animals were sacrificed as part of a tribal custom during the “Sulia Yatra” in Odisha’s Bolangir district on Tuesday. The sacrifice of animals was carried out to appease the gods. Hundreds of animals, such as goats and buffalos, were killed during the puja while the district administration and police remained mute spectators.

Tribals of the district argued that they have been observing this ritual for a long time and support animal sacrifice during the celebrations.

“We performed the puja to appease the gods. People offer animals as their wishes are fulfilled following the blessings of gods,” said Harihar Kanhar, chief priest.

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As part of the custom, tribals first bathe the animals to be sacrificed and anoint them with turmeric. The animals are then hacked in the presence of thousands of people.

The district and police administrations only appealed to maintain law and order during the annual festival.

Bolangir Sub-Collector Bimal Prasad Mohanty said adequate security arrangements have been made to maintain law and order during the Sulia Yatra.

Around four platoons of police force and senior officers have been deployed to maintain law and order.



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  1. I am a Vegeterian and Do not Support Killing of Animals either for FOOD or in the name of any God or Goddess but WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE when billions of Goats , Sheep, Camels, Cattle are slaughtered on Bakra Eid

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