NEW DELHI: In what could be tagged as an absolute mockery of the poor, the Parliamentarians are getting a food subsidy that would leave each one of you speechless. The RTI has exposed the hunger of the Netas which has left everyone in shock. 

While crisp fish fry with chips is priced at Rs. 25, mouth-watering mutton curry can be savoured for only Rs 20. Mutton cutlet for Rs. 18 and a crunchy masala dosa for Rs 6, while boiled vegetables for as little as Rs. 5 is something to surprise you. Isn’t it? This meal menu is not a part of any restaurant but is enjoyed by ‘public servats’ at four canteens of the Parliament in Delhi.

Amid the increasing prices of meat, fish and vegetables especially at the restaurants where huge taxes for common people, our Parliamentarians are enjoying these lip-smacking dishes at a price equal to nothing in their canteens; thanks to the subsidy provided by the government to the public servants in its premises. 

Going by an item list received under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, fish fry with chips is subsidized by 63%, while the figure for mutton curry is 67%, cutlet 65%, boiled vegetables 83% and masala dosa 75% percent.

The prices were last amended on December 20, 2010.

According to the RTI response, the Parliament canteens offer 76 dishes ranging from simple boiled egg to various mutton and chicken preparations that are subsidized anywhere between 63 and 150%.

It is to be noted that the only item that is sold for a marginal profit is the ‘roti’ at Re 1 a piece for which the raw item costs 77 paisa.

Activist Subhash Chandra Agarwal had filed an RTI inquiry into the same to which the shocking revelations have been made.

Well, if you intend to raise your voice against this discrimination, join the NewsX campaign to end the MP cruelty. You can sign the petition ‘Government of India: REVISE PRICES OF FOOD ITEMS IN PARLIAMENT CANTEEN’ on the below given link and stop these MPs savoring their taste buds on your money.

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