New Delhi: After Supreme Court’s ruling on November which made standing up during the national anthem a mandatory task for every movie-goer,  now the government has made it compulsory for disabled people to ‘stay still’ while the national anthem is being played.

This particular decision has been criticised by a section of the society who are concerned about the rising cases of violent attacks against individuals who do not stand up during the Indian national anthem. Disabled people especially have been attacked in recent months by ‘righteous’ audience questioning the morality of their judgement.

Specifically, in cases which involve autistic individuals, the decision comes as a necessary task which must be implemented regardless of the feasibility of the idea. Many people are furious at the government’s insensitivity towards the plight of disabled people.

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“My child doesn’t understand patriotism, forget that, he doesn’t even know he is an Indian. If I had to train him I would rather have him brush on his own than stand still for something that’s meaningless to him,” NDTV quoted a mother of an autistic child as saying.


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