Lucknow: With the upcoming Assembly Polls in five states, there has been a rise in political temperatures. In an exclusive newsbreak by NewsX, it was found that Murshidabad (Bengal) is in full swing to prepare crude bombs and the consignments are exclusively for Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Close to the Indo-Bangladesh border, a group manufacturing crude bombs spoke to NewsX and made some startling revelations. The bomb makers revealed that the orders are from outside the state especially from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. UP is the most populated state that goes to poll starting from February.

The bomb makers claimed that they make around 500 bombs a day. Revealing about one such order the bomb makers said that they were given Rs 60,000 to make 400 crude bombs and therefore they are working day and night to complete the order. The bomb makers also revealed that the orders are received by their boss, a man known by the name ‘D’ who gives them the number of bombs to be produced and the money travels through multiple hands so the source remains untraceable.

One of the bomb makers in conversation with NewsX said that he has been in the business for 5 years. He also added that because of the elections there has been an increase in the demand of the crude bombs.

The place where the bombs were manufactured comes under Border Security Force (BSF) patrolling as it is just 3 Kms away from the Bangladesh border.

As per reports, the local police or BSF had no knowledge of any such factory running in the region.

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