The denial of US Visas to two Indian snowshoers from Kashmir has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s order on foreign policy, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said on Wednesday.

MEA after talking to the US Embassy said that the authorities’ decision was a standard adjudication on merits of the case.

Clyde Rabideau, Mayor of the Village of Saranac Lake in New York, on Tuesday, wrote on his Facebook page that the both the snowshoers, Abid Khan and Tanveer Hussain were denied Visas, due to ‘current (US) policy’.

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Source: Facebook/MayorClydeRabideau


According to the conversation posted by Rabideau on his Facebook page, Khan informed him about the denial of the visa.

“Sorry sir, Visa denied,” Abid wrote to the Mayor.

“They saw all the documents and we had all supporting docs as well, like local Government sponsorship, federation, your support letter, my financial background…The lady officer at US embassy in New Delhi after checking all the documents just went inside into another room. After returning she said, sorry, due to our current policy we can’t issue your visa,” says the conversation posted on Clyde’s wall.

The snowshoers, Abid Khan and Tanveer Hussain, were slated to take part in the 2017 World Snowshoe Championships in New York.