Nearly 1500 people, including the coast guards, fishermen and engineering students are manually cleaning up the thick sludge formed due to the oil spill caused by the collision of two cargo ships in Ennore, Tamil Nadu on Saturday. 

Despite efforts to check the damage, the sludge has been spreading for the last six days in an area of 34 sq km, which has now reached Chennai’s Marina beach, affecting around 25 km of coastline. 

The politics around the incident has also started with DMK blaming the state government for not acting on time. The Kamrajar Port had denied any oil spill on Saturday. Later on Tuesday, the fisheries minister of Tamil Nadu claimed that only one tonne of oil has been spilt. So far, 60 tonnes of sludge has been cleansed and reports suggest the entire clean-up process will take seven more days.

DMK MP Kanhimozhi has written to the Agriculture minister seeking compensation for the loss the fishermen of the area have suffered. Reportedly, the fishermen of the area have already started to see a dip in business because of the calamity.

Notably, the Tamil Nadu government has also reached out to the central government seeking help in the clean-up process.

Meanwhile, the environmentalists have raised serious concerns over the dangerous implications the spill is causing to the aquatic life and the likely loss of human habitat along the coastline.

Moreover, the Benzene released into the water and air has serious health implications like sleepiness, abnormal heart rate, etc.