32-year-old Udyan Das was on Thursday arrested by the police for allegedly murdering his partner Shweta Sharma alias Akanksha who had moved in with him after she met him on social networking site Facebook.

The accused, after murdering Shweta, had put her body a box, stuffed cement in it and hid it in a cemented platform.

After Akanksha’s parents could not get in touch with her for weeks, they lodged a complaint with the West Bengal police. A team then came looking for her following which the murder came to light.

The cops drilled for three hours to recover the dead body. Das was then arrested.

As per reports, the duo came to know each other Facebook around eight months ago and then became friends. Soon they got close and began a relationship. Akansha moved in with Udyan while telling her parents that she had taken up a job in New York.

According to the police, Udyan and Akansha had a fight over calls that she was getting from her former boyfriend. Enraged by this Udyan strangled Akansha to death and then placed her body in a wooden box and filled it with cement and water.

Udyan waited for the cement to dry up before building a concrete platform and fixing marble tiles over it. He allegedly spent next few days sleeping next to the tomb he had built.

Udyan owns two luxury cars. Police are investigating the source of his income as he doesn’t have a job but maintains a lavish lifestyle.