Bangkok: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Sunday said Sanskrit is not a mere language but a world view.

Addressing the 16th World Sanskrit Conference inaugural here, she said: “Just as mutual trust, love, harmony, cooperation and other inclusive features are essential for an individual family, so are harmony, trust and cooperation necessary among different nations, different societies, and different sects and traditions in the family of the universe.”

“Sanskrit is not a mere language. It is a world view. It is the world view that proclaims ‘it is the one that the wise declare as many’, ‘let noble thoughts come unto us from all directions’ and ‘making the world refined’,” she observed.

“This precept of universality, characterised by harmony, common welfare and inclusiveness can only bring together the warring factions in the universe by friendly overtures. This concept of inclusiveness is unique to Sanskrit… it is its culture,” the external affairs minister said.

She also said Sanskrit is a universal language and the followers of yoga are spread over 177 countries.

“Among them many have begun the study of Sanskrit,” she added.

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