Four mobsters on motorcycle fired shots on a car carrying Dasanapura Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) president Kadabagere Srinivas on Friday.

The shoot-out occurred in broad daylight around 11:45AM when the newly elected APMC president Srinivas was passing by in the Yelahanaka area of Bengaluru.

Images from the CCTV revealed the shooters absconded after firing multiple rounds of bullets at the Karnataka politician. The Yelahanka police are investigating the entire incident using the CCTV footage.

The police are claiming the shoot-out was the result of a personal rivalry between the political groups and the local politician. 

Srinivas after being shot at was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. But sources reveal that he is believed to be dead following the serious injuries that he sustained during the shoot-out. 

(Further details awaited…)