NGOs in Agra are urging people to vote in large numbers in the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, with a grouping of doctors promising even gifts to voters.

Indian Medical Association members at the Rainbow Hospital have appealed to voters to turn up in large numbers in the seven-phase elections which begins on February 11.

“Voters who show the ink mark on their fingers will get gifts,” Narendra Malhotra, a doctor, told IANS.

Agra’s business community has drawn up a local manifesto to be released by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav here.

The manifesto demands schemes to boost industrial activity in Agra, an international airport, a barrage on the Yamuna and incentives to industries affected by pollution control measures.

Green activists are raising awareness about ecological concerns before the elections, their main focus being the cleaning of the Yamuna.

A bikers rally will be held here on February 6 to urge people to vote.

College students are doing their bit too. Students at the Agra College will create a 100 feet rangoli.