More than 37 people were injured in a Jallikattu event which was held at Avanipuram in Madurai, Tamil Nadu on Sunday. More than 900 bulls were released for the event.

The popular bull taming sport, which became a reason for week-long agitation against the government for the imposed ban, was formally inaugurated by Revenue Minister RB Udhayakumar and District Collector Veeraraghava Rao.

Among the thirty-seven people who were injured, one is in critical condition. A total of nine people were admitted to the hospital while the rest were given first aid.

Authorities said that all precautionary measures had been taken and that medical tests for bulls were executed before the rural sport commenced.

Jallikattu was earlier banned by the Supreme Court after animal rights welfare group protested against the popular sport. After relentless agitation, the Tamil Nadu assembly unanimously passed an amendment bill which cleared the path for Jallikattu celebration.