Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has joined the fray of Donald Trump critics who have vehemently shunned the foreign policies enacted by the new United States President.

Trump attracted global attention when he imposed a seemingly unconstitutional ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, sending a rippling effect which has been detrimental towards the relationship United States shares with other countries.

“Trump has set an example of how an individual can ruin a country. There are agitations all over and the whole of US is under turmoil,” Ahmedabad Mirror quoted Naidu as saying in a meeting with Mandal Education Officers (MEOs).

The context of Naidu’s criticism of the 45th President comes with the possible restriction on H-1B visas which throw into uncertainty India’s work relations with US, especially the Information Technology sector.

“Mr. Trump’s policy [on H-1B visas] is a shocker for the global workforce. It is through such actions that the prestige of countries is lowered,” Naidu said.

“If you listen to what Trump says, you will understand the hollowness. Even a top-ranking nation like America is having a leadership crisis. Trump spoke badly about women… It sparked worldwide reactions. Women are inferior to none,” he added.