A horrific incident from Roorkee, Uttarakhand has come up where a hospital worker broke the leg of a 3-day-old infant to get rid of his crying in order to get himself a sound sleep.

The new born was moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a private hospital due to some instability in his health.

The ward boy of the hospital, who is often on night shifts, was assigned to look after the ICU on the night of January 28 as well.

Things went wrong when the staff member tried to take a nap in the room and the crying infant proved problematic to his sleep.

After many failed attempts to put the infant to sleep, the ward boy broke his leg and called up the doctors saying the infant’s condition is deteriorating.

After the whole incident, the father of the infant was informed by the hospital that the infant is suffering from serious health issues and he should be moved to a bigger hospital in Dehradun.

The real reason of the infant’s ‘deteriorating health’ came out in Dehradun hospital where after examining the infant, doctors told the father about the broken leg.

Enraged at the discovery, the father complained to the Roorkee hospital authorities where he was manhandled in return.

Varnik, the father, then went to the police and told them the whole scenario. The police officials retrieved the CCTV footage from the hospital where the whole incident was captured.

Police has registered the complaint against the ward boy and hospital, and are looking into the matter.