Shamshul Hoda, a close aide of gangster Dawood Ibrahim, was arrested by Nepal Police and Indian agencies in Nepal in connection with the Kanpur Railway accident that killed 150 people. 

He has been arrested for trying to target the Indian Railway structure on behest of ISI and Dawood Ibrahim. As per the Indian security agency, he has been in contact with ISI to execute terror plans in the railways. He was operating from Dubai.

Earlier, Motihari Police in Bihar had arrested three people who claimed responsibility for planting IED’s on railway tracks. These three individual even claimed that they were responsible for the Kanpur railway accident that killed 150 people in November 2016.

The official also described Huda’s arrest as a big breakthrough in the three cases that was handed over to the agency.

The three cases comprised a failed attempt to detonate an IED (improvised explosive device) on the Ghorasahan track in East Champaran district of Bihar; the suspected sabotage behind the Indore-Patna Express train accident in Kanpur on November 20, 2016, that killed 149 people; and the derailement of Hirakhand Express in Koneru in Andhra Pradesh on January 21 which resulted in the deaths of 41 persons.

The NIA official further said that the agency is in touch with the Nepalese authority to seek access for his questioning.

As per reports, Shamshul Hoda is the terror mastermind who heads the sabotaging of railway tracks.