Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday addressed the Lok Sabha on issues such as Swachh Bharat campaign, corruption, and the highly contentious demonetisation decision. The Prime Minister did not shy away from attacking his rival opposition leaders in the parliament and reiterated his stance on where the Centre stood in the matters of economy.

PM Modi earlier condoled the death of Subhas Chandra Bose’s close associate and INA veteran ‘Colonel’ Nizamuddin, who died at the age of 116. 

Live updates from the Parliament: 

1:44 PM  Speech ends. 

1:42 PM  “No one asked questions about surgical strikes. They only asked about demonetisation.”  

1:41 PM “Astounded at what some politicians said 24 hours before surgical strikes.”

1:40 PM “Through zero defect, zero effect, we can capture the world market.” 

1:38 PM “Small entrepreneurs should come forward and take steps for development.”

1:30 PM “Middlemen will no longer enjoy the benefits they previously did. We have stopped corruption.” 

1:27 PM “Around 4 crore fake ration cards seized through Aadhar scheme.”

1: 26 PM “When I speak in parliament, I speak with responsibility.”

1:25 PM “26,000 crore leakage in gas stopped.” 

1:24 PM “I knew what I would face when I took the (demonetisation) decision.”

1:23 PM “This government IS A GOVERNMENT WHICH will fight corruption.”

1:10 PM “You can oppose me if you want, but if you realise that something is genuinely good, you should lend your support to it.” 

1:05 PM “Why was a popular law like MNERGA amended 1035 times?”

1:00 PM “After demonetisation, we did our best to help those who were in need.”

12:57 PM “The aim of demonetisation, like Swachh Bharat, is to clean India from corruption and money.” 

12:54 PM “They ask me why I introduced demonetisation when the economy was doing well. A doctor would say the best time to perform a surgery is when the patient is healthy.” 

12:47 PM “My fight is for the poor.” 

12:45 PM “During the previous government, people used to ask how much has gone. Now, people ask how much has Modi brought back.” 

12:42 PM “I agree that black money is being held in jewellery and property. But how did they come to this realisation?” 

12:38 PM “We have said repeatedly that we will debate on demonetisation. But some are more interested in giving TV bytes than engaging in debate.” 

12:33 PM “Some politicians have made Swachh Bharat a political issue. Even Mahatma Gandhi stressed the important for a Swachh Bharat.” 

12:32 PM “Every Prime Minister till now has contributed to the development of the nation. But there is a party which wants to associate everything to one family.”  

12:30 PM “Somewhere on the way, ‘Jan Shakti’ was forgotten. We do not accept this.” 

12:26 PM “There are many people like me, who couldn’t die for nation during the freedom struggle but we are living for India & serving India.” 

12:20 PM “The Central Government is in constant touch with the state government.”

12:16 PM “An earthquake came yesterday. There must be a reason behind it. Mother earth must have been upset with something.”