Prime Minister Narendra Modi while defending note ban, on Wednesday said that the fight against corruption is not a political move. Corruption has ruined the whole country, Modi said while defending the demonetisation move.

PM Modi also attacked Manmohan Singh, saying that only he could teach the art of taking bath with the raincoat on. The Congress reacting sharply to the PM’s remark staged a walk out from rajya Sabha.

PM Modi was replying to debate on a motion of thanks to President’s address in Rajya Sabha.

Here are the live updates:

06:50 pm | I do not want to speak about PM Modi’s comments: Manmohan Singh

06: 46 pm | On Congress staging walk out of the Rajya Sabha, Pm Modi says that they should know how to consider defeat as well.

06:43 pm | I understand people attacking me, or the government over demonetisation move, but why was the RBI Governor dragged into politics?: PM Modi 

06: 40 pm |People had made fun of ‘Swachhta Abhiyaan’. Mahatma Gandhi Ji would be very upset if he (Mahatma Gandhi) was alive today.

06:35 pm | I do not have words to condemn Pm Modi’s ‘raincoat’ comment on former PM Manmohan Singh: Ahmed Patel

06: 30 pm | We will have to be tough on people cheating the system, only then the hands of the poor will be strengthened: PM Modi

06: 25 pm | Kapil Sibal hits out at PM Modi. “Look at his arrogance, he chooses to speak when everyone else is done”, says Kapil Sibal

06: 20 pm | Anand Sharma Ji was asking why are you spending crores on Digital technology. I must tell him (Anand Sharma) that not a single extra penny was spent in development of BHIM app: PM Modi

06:12 pm | Congress MP’s stage a walkout in Rajya Sabha over PM Modi’s ‘raincoat’ comment on Manmohan Singh

06:10 pm | Uproar in Rajya Sabha over PM Modi’s remark on Manmohan Singh

06: 08 pm | There is not even a single blemish on Manmohan in his 35 years while he had a lot of influence on country’s economic policies. How to take bath wearing a raincoat, this ability only Manmohan Singh knows: PM Modi

06: 04 pm | Anyone quoting foreign economists against the note ban move, I will quote 10 of them on the fact that such an action has never been taken in the world, says PM Modi

06:02 pm | PM Modi says that the economists don’t know parameters to assess note ban. What India did will be a case study for economists worldwide

06:00 pm | Defending the demonetisation move PM Modi says that in 40 days almost 700 Maoists surrendered during November-December. 

05: 57 pm | Anand Sharma is now showing so much zeal, why were you quiet till now? Why did you not sue Madhav Godbole?: PM Modi in Rajya Sabha

05: 55 | Former bureaucrat Madhav Godbole in a book wrote that in 1971 Indira Gandhi Ji was advised by then FM to demonetise, but she rejected idea: Pm Modi

5:52 pm | Some people are raising the issue of new notes of Rs 2000 being recovered from terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. I want to tell those people that the terrorists who looted Indian banks were shot dead by our armed forces, says Pm Modi

5:49 pm |Our fight is against corruption and black money, nothing political about it. Corruption has ruined the whole country, says Modi

5:48 pm| PM Narendra Modi speaking in Rajya Sabha. Expected to defend note ban.


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