Addressing a huge rally in election-bound Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun district, PM Narendra Modi launched an assertive campaign on Saturday while accusing the ruling Samajwadi Party government of promoting corruption and ignoring the poor.

The PM accused CM Akhilesh Yadav of sheltering criminals and said that the incumbent CM appointed the same officers he had leveled serious charges against the BSP government when it was in power.

“Samajwadi Party MLA blamed an MP from their party of corruption; did they take in action? How can they be so irresponsible?” asked PM Modi, seeking cheers from the crowd.

In a rhetorical tone, the PM asked, “Why is it that even after 70 years of independence, 18,000 villages did not have electricity”, saying that Budaun is among the 100 backward districts in the country.

The PM said that the BJP govt at the centre took strong steps against corruption despite facing strong opposition from political parties like SP and BSP.

Appealing to the youth, Modi said, “We eliminated interview processes for class III & IV jobs; this has reduced corruption. For political gains, UP government played with aspirations of youth in the state.”

PM Modi while addressing a rally on the 1st day of phase one of UP elections, also slammed the SP-Congress alliance, saying: “Lohia ji was against Congress and those who followed ideals of Lohia ji, came forward to support Congress”.

“Our Govt is dedicated to serve the poor, marginalised & farmers; we are initiating several steps to uplift them,” said Narendra Modi, appealing to the voters to give BJP a chance.