Two more sitting Lok Sabha AIADMK MPs on Sunday extended their support to acting Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam.

The two — B.Senguttuvan representing Vellore constituency and Jeyasingh Thiyagaraj Natterjee from Tuticorin constituency — visited Panneerselvam at his residence here.

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“We expect six more MLAs to join,” an AIADMK leader told IANS preferring anonymity.

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With two MPs expressing their support to Panneerselvam, the total number of sitting Lok Sabha members in Pannerselvam’s camp has gone up to six and one in Rajya Sabha.

On Saturday, four sitting Lok Sabha members – Sathyabama representing Tirupur, Ashok Kumar representing Krishnagiri constituency, Sundaram representing Namakkal, R. Vanaroja representing Thiruvannamalai constituency – joined the camp.

Here are the highlights from the entire day:  


10: 02 pm |  Sasikala reaches Poes Garden residence in Chennai after meeting party MLAs at Golden Bay resort in Kuvathur, Tamil Nadu.


09: 35 pm | Another AIADMK MLA Parthiban extends support to Panneerselvam, joins OPS camp.


09: 12 pm | WATCH: Sasikala breaks down while addressing AIADMK MLAs at Golden Bay resort in Kuvathur, TamilNadu.


09: 08 pm | Former AG Soli Sorabjee speaks over OPS Vs Sasikala row in Tamil Nadu


09: 05 pm | Panneerselvam hits out at Sasikala who got emotional and broke down while speaking with the party MLAs at Golden Bay resort. Shedding crocodile tears, passing new remarks every day is not going to help. Will prove everything in assembly, said OPS


09: 00 pm | Deepa (Jayalalithaa’s niece) was not allowed to even see Amma’s body? Why?: Panneerselvam


08: 55 pm | OPS hits out at Sasikala.


08: 51 pm | Many party cadres outside Chennai, are voicing their opinion against Sasikala assuming charge as Tamil Nadu CM: Panneerselvam

08: 48 pm | MLAs are contacting me and telling, for each MLA there are four ‘gundas’ sitting: Panneerselvam


08: 45 pm | Panneerselvam hits out at Sasikala, refutes her claims that the MLAs are happily staying at Golden Bay resort.   

08: 40 pm | Panneerselvam to address media shortly.

08: 35 pm | I will achieve everything if you all stand firmly behind me, I will be firm as I have been with ‘Amma’: Sasikala


08: 32 pm | Portrait of Amma has to be installed in state assembly to show gratitude. Some people with us don’t want it to happen: Sasikala 

08: 27 pm | We will form the Govt, will then visit Amma’s memorial & take a photograph, will show it to the world then. This is our pledge: Sasikala


08: 25 pm | Panneerselvam, who was a AIADMK minister for so long, is today all out to destroy. It is same as hitting your eye with your own finger. Nobody can even touch this party and Govt. : Sasikala 


08: 20 pm | An emotional Sasikala breaks down while addressing party MLAs at Golden Bay resort


08: 15 pm | Heavy Police barricading outside Golden Bay resort.


08: 10 pm | We must stay together and foil their (opposition) evil attempts: VK Sasikala


08: 02 pm | Our MLAs are threatened but united: Sasikala 

08: 00 pm | Sasikala addresses MLAs at Golden Bay resort in Kuvathur, Tamil Nadu


07: 20 pm | Party workers, and forces now opposing us will not succeed in their attempts, wont let it happen: Sasikala at Golden Bay resort


07: 10 pm | Please wait and see our next move: V K Sasikala.


06: 55 pm  | Sasikal to address a press conference in a short while

06: 45 pm | Tamil Nadu turmoil: AIADMK has survived betrayals in the past, says Sasikala

06: 35 pm | Meeting between VK Sasikala and the MLAs begin at Golden Bay resort.

AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala


06: 20 pm | Panneerselvam meets supporters at his residence in Chennai.



06: 15 pm | Tamil director, producer and actor Manobala extends support to Panneerselvam. “I have extensively worked with #Panneerselvam,he is a very nice man. Under his leadership, one can pop his collar and walk,” says Manobala.


06: 00 pm | AIADK MLAs spotted at bay resort. Sasikala will  meet them shortly. 


05: 58 pm | Sasikala reaches Bay resort.


05: 25 pm | Sasikala still holds majority of MLAs,we’re sure that she only will carry forward legacy of periamma: Piramila (Jayalalithaa’s nurse in 2001)


05: 10 pm | Chinamma was a close companion of Periamma(Jayalalithaa), both shared a healthy relationship:R Piramila Visagan(Jayalalithaa’s nurse in 21001)

05: 00 pm | Reports floating that Chinamma has done something to Periamma?Totally unacceptable,nothing of this sort can happen between them: R Piramila


04: 35 pm | Very difficult for a woman to be in politics: VK Sasikala


04: 30 pm | Sasikala in a series of hits out at OPS camp. 

04: 20 pm | Sasikala on way to meet AIADMK MLAs at Golden Bay resort in Kuvathur

04: 00 pm | Total number of Lok Sabha members of the AIADMK supporting O. Panneerselvam grow to nine.

03: 15 pm | 


03: 10 pm | AIADMK condemns the letter drafted addressing the governor.