Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday addressed a rally in Kannauj, the home turf of Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh.

Slamming the SP-Congress alliance, PM Modi said that we have to fight together against the dynasty politics.

“Two dynasties have teamed up together in this election,” said PM Modi.

Asking people to vote for the BJP, PM Modi said that the poor in the state are suffering and the UP government is doing nothing about it.

The Western region of Uttar Pradesh is today voting for 67 seats in second of the seven-phase polls.

Here are the updates: 

* Earlier bribes used to be taken for class III & IV jobs; we’ve done away with the interview processes and this has put a check on corruption

* Does Akhilesh Ji even recall that Congress attacked Mulayam Singh Ji back in 1984? And he has allied with them only

*SP, BSP, Congress all are favouring each other in some way or the other in these elections

*We are committed to the welfare of farmers in UP. Our Govt would waive off loans of small farmers if voted to power

*We have taken steps to reduce stent prices, which will benefit several people

*Schools in UP do not have teachers in adequate number; Is this the way to empower the poor of India?

*I don’t own a single car but these people who call themselves socialists, have many expensive cars

*Working for the poor, Dalits, marginalised and underprivileged is government’s first responsibility

*Did you see what happened in UP? BJP won the MLC elections; this shows UP didn’t like their ‘saath’

*After demonetisation, BJP won in Odisha, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh elections

*I would like to thank people of Odisha for their unprecedented support during panchayat elections

*BJP was never strong in Odisha but the results of the local-level polls show the support for BJP is increasing across the state

*What our ISRO scientists have achieved today will ensure that their names will be written in golden letters forever