Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday made sure that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav knew the history of Samajwadi-Congress politics. As he raked out the spices in a sweet recipe, Modi reminded Akhilesh Yadav about the 1984 assassination bid on Mulayam which was purportedly carried out by a Congress leader.

Modi, who has been vehemently attacking the SP-Cong alliance before the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections, said in a rally in Kannauj that he was baffled by Akhilesh forming a coalition with those who tried to murder his father.

“Akhileshji ko abhi anubhav kum hain, Congress wale kitne chatur hain inko samajh nahi aata… Mulayam ji ko toh pata tha,” he said.

“I want to ask how Akhilesh forgot the attack carried out on Mulayam Yadav by Congress in 1984… What can be more shameful than befriending those who tried to murder one’s father? They cannot be pardoned. Fed up of attacks by Mulayam Singh as Leader of the Opposition in Vidhan Parishad, Congress got shots fired at him on March 4, 1984 but he scraped through…I want to tell Akhilesh that he should have remembered this incident before sitting in the lap of Congress,” he added.

However, Akhilesh has validated his candidacy to the Uttar Pradesh elections by delegitimising the authority of his father in the Samajwadi Party.