A plumber allegedly killed his wife on February 11 in the Madhu Vihar area of East Delhi because she cooked an extra spicy meal.

The 40-year-old plumber has been identified as Subodh who killed his wife in a fit of rage as she served an extra spicy meal. The accused after beheading his wife Manisha hacked her into pieces. 

The victim received 22 wounds on her body which lead to her death. The accused has been arrested by the police.

It was found that the couple had been frequently quarrelling because of the Subodh’s second marriage to another woman. Manisha left Subodh and went to her relative’s place in Rohini.

As per reports, on February 10, Subodh asked Manisha to come back to Madhu Vihar, but she got angry on seeing Muniya with Subodh when he told her that Muniya was staying in a room nearby.

Manisha later cooked a meal for her husband and after tasting the extra spicy food Subodh in a fit of rage killed his first wife.