The Bellandur Lake is the largest lake in Bengaluru and is naturally subjected to gross environmental pollution from toxic to garbage dumping in the lake. Gray smokes near the lake is a common sight, but what transpired on Thursday signalled a dangerous alarm for Bengaluru.

The Bellandur Lake literally caught fire on Thursday when debris was set on fire which rippled into the lake where toxic chemicals are dumped regularly. The incident occurred around 5:50 PM.

“Some debris was being burnt near the lake. The lake is covered with weeds, which is dried up and caught fire easily. The fumes have reached till Iblur flyover.” The News Minute quoted Diana, secretary of the residents association in Sun City, as saying.

Ambulances were called at Sun City lest someone should suffer any negative consequences from the plumes of smoke entering the apartments.

Another official said that the toxic material accumulated in the lake must have resulted in the fire.

“Bellandur Lake has no water. There is a lot of weed growth and in addition sewage and debris end up in the lake. The Bengaluru Development Authority had taken up the initiative to restore the lake in January this year but so far no work had started,” he said.

As per the reports from pollution control board authorities, methane build-up in the lake has impended for this raging fire.