Impressed with the capabilities of a computer science engineering student at the Delhi Technological University (DTU), United States-based cab-hailing company Uber Technologies has apparently made an offer one cannot refuse.

Sidharth, a computer science engineering student at the Delhi Technological University, has received a job offer from Uber’s office in San Francisco. The offer, tuned to a massive Rs 71 lakh, shoots up to almost Rs 1.25 crore when other benefits offered by the company are included.

“It was a delight to have received the job offer and I am now looking forward to move to San Francisco,” the 21-year-old was quoted as saying. He also said that he was looking ahead to travel the world with the money he’ll eventually receive.

“I had actually done a seven-week internship with Uber earlier. So this is a pre-placement offer that I have received. Along with me, I think there is someone from one of the IITs,” he said.

Sidharth, who scored 95.4% in his class 12 board exams and 98 out of 100 in computer science and mathematics, is a talent long nurtured and appreciated.

“From the beginning, I wanted to do computer science engineering and with my score I was not getting the subject at any of the IITs. Moreover, I love Delhi and did not want to move from here,” a delighted Sidharth said.